Founded in February of 2003, the East Bay Coast Guard Spouses Club (EBCGSC) is a non-profit association to provide social support and communication in the San Francisco/East Bay area California. Our club is open to spouses and family members of all ranks from active duty, retired, reserve and auxiliary military personnel; Public Health service families; and widows or widowers of military personnel. We have a sister club in Novato, CA- the North Bay Coast Guard Spouses Club (NBSC).


The East Bay Coast Guard Spouses’ Club strives to be a community spouses club of many attributes. A place to meet new people and make new friends outside of your unit, a group that provides fun events and great support to all spouses, a way of keeping Coast Guard traditions alive and also an avenue to reach out to our community and assist others. Our hope is that you can find these things in our club if you decide to become a new member.

We welcome all spouses of the East Bay Community. Officer, enlisted, retired, civilian, male or female; all are welcome! You will always find a friendly face and warm welcome when you attend a club activity.

The Club is a group of spouses who try to meet regularly for a variety of events, raise funds for on-base charities and scholarships. Our goal as a club is to be a way for spouses to meet and get to know each other while participating in fun group activities. 

The East Bay Coast Guard Spouses Club is organized by a board of members and operates under a set of bylaws that the group votes on and approves. Everything done by the club is governed by the rules that we make for ourselves. The club collects a yearly membership dues of $15 and will occasionally have fees to some of our events/activities. The dues and fees, which vary, help the club operate and fund whatever charitable work we take on.

If you're new to the Bay Area, you know that meeting people can feel impossible. And if you've been there for a long time but just watched everyone you know PCS, you're probably feeling lonely.

We hope that the spouse club could be the perfect solution to your friendship woes or if you just need to break up the monotony of life. Please email the club with your questions at eastbayspouses@gmail.com.